This episode has two locations.
1.  The Astral Queen
Private property, Surrey
Location Notes: This location was once a power plant, but is now a recycling facility.  

2.  Entering Caprica
Flight Centre Library Square, 203-345 Robson Street, Vancouver (downtown)
Travel Tips: Distinctive and beautiful, the Flight Centre Library Square is not to be missed if you're downtown. It can easily be combined with a trip to the Orpheum Theatre (Opera House) and/or other downtown locations. Many are within walking distance of each other.
This episode has three locations.
1.  Zak's Funeral
Mountainview Cemetery, north of 33 Avenue, Vancouver
Travel Tip: The location is just north of 33 Avenue. The lower photos were provided by the 13th Colony and were taken from camera positions used in the show. We didn't have a chance to visit this site, but from Google Earth, it seems possible to check it out without disturbing the cemetery at all.

2.  Caprican 'Air Force' Base
Location Notes: The exteriors where Adama meets Kara for the first time were filmed on the lot at Vancouver Film Studios.

3.  Helo and Sharon Bomb Shelter
The Alibi Room, 157 Alexander Street, Vancouver
Travel Tips: The Alibi Room is located in Gastown, a hip shopping and lifestyle neighbourhood that offers 'the complete Vancouver experience.' It was cool to be able to sit and eat on a 'set' from the show. The Alibi Room offers a wide selection of beer--my 'maple beer' unfortunately tasted like someone had squeezed Aunt Jemima directly into a pilsner, but perhaps you will make a better choice. The shopping and architecture in the area are great!




This episode has two locations.
The Woodwards Building (roof and parking garage), West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Travel Tips: The Woodwards Building has unfortunately been torn down, but we're including the address here since you can walk the street and see the same buildings that Doral, Six and Sharon saw. The parking garage under this same building was used for the area where Helo finds the injured Sharon and, you'll note from the cap above, that it was also the interior of the museum at Delphi (Kobol's Last Gleaming II).

2.  Cylon Occupied Vancouver
650 West Georgia street, Vancouver
Travel Tips: This location can be easily made part of a downtown trip. Make sure you have a good map! Anne and I found it really easy to get disoriented downtown.

3.  Helo's Fire Escape
340 Cambie Street (Gastown District)
Travel Tips: Steve Fronczek, of Galactiguise, and Valorie Hoye of The 13th Colony, scouted this location and report that it's in a very sketchy area of downtown Vancouver. It's the Pub 340 roof and fire escape. Considering that they saw spent needles on the ground there, we don't recommend visiting this site.

Six and Doral on Nuked Caprica
Westbound on West Cordova Street right after Burrard Street, down the block from the 'Waterfront Centre.'
Travel Tips: Adjacent is a pic of the entrance. This tunnel leads to an underground parking garage on West Cordova Street. You will be taking your life in your hands to take a photo here (I lived, but Anne did point out the 'no pedestrians' sign that I didn't even notice until I came back). The owners of take no responsibility for and advise against attempting to get this shot!

The Opera House
The Orpheum Theatre, 850 block on the corner of Smithe and Seymour Streets, downtown Vancouver.
Travel Tips: Appearing in numerous episodes, The Opera House is an amazing spot to visit. In July and August, The Orpheum Theatre provides public tours that cost about $10 per person. The tour is two hours long and you get to explore the Orpheum from basement to attic!  An article about tours in 2011: Orpheum Tours.

Our tour guide, Arthur, was such a nice guy. There was an orchestra rehearsing while we were there, so we had to wait quite a while before we could get on stage. At first, Arthur would only let us peek into the theatre, then after a few more minutes of exploring, he let us quietly step in and walk a few meters to stand and listen. Finally, he got comfortable enough with Anne and me that he let us sit in balcony seats and enjoy the music. It was amazing. The orchestra rehearsal was scheduled to end at 12:30 pm, but we got worried as they seemed to be in the middle of a very long piece as the time approached. In the end, they stopped mid-piece and packed up their stuff on the dot of 12:30 pm!  It was AWESOME to be on stage afterwards.    

This episode has four locations
1.  Earth 2.0
Private land in Kamloops.  
We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Earth 2.0 in 2011. It was much drier in May (it had been a slow, cold spring in Canada as well), but we were able to identify many of the locations. Everything was filmed quite close together to save the time and expense of moving cameras and equipment. 

Our guide kindly left us out on the site, and we spent more than an hour just taking in where we were (and having a small picnic). I can't describe the feeling of being where the show ended--it was very emotional for us.

We took a second trip in June 2012, and found many things we had missed! New locations found for Daybreak include Adama and Roslin's camp, the place the natives were sighted, and the spot where Starbuck disappears!

Click 'read more' to see Kara's apartment, Roslin's apartment, Lee's apartment, Anders' pyramid rehab room, and Earth 150,000 years later!

This episode has four locations.
1. Strip Bar
Butter, 11935 207 Street, Maple Ridge, BC
Help Needed: We have not travelled to this particular location. If you have a chance to check it out, please send us a pic of the exterior of the club for the site--it would be very appreciated! You can use the contact form on our about us page. The pic here is from Google Earth.

2&3.  Kara's Apartment and Roslin's Apartment.
The Waterfall Building, 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver
Travel Tips: Kara's apartment remains consistently the Waterfall Building throughout the series. In Daybreak, we see Roslin's Caprica apartment for the first time. It's the penthouse on the east side of the complex. Parking is an issue here--there is a gravel, pay lot just across from the building that is best. There is also, appropriately, a Starbucks nearby!  

4.  The Opera House
The Orpheum Theatre, 850 block on the corner of Smithe and Seymour Streets, downtown Vancouver
Travel Tips: Appearing in numerous episodes, The Opera House is an amazing spot to visit. In July and August, The Orpheum Theatre provides public tours that cost about $10 each. The tour is two hours long and you get to explore the Orpheum from basement to attic! An article about tours in 2011: Orpheum Tours.