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This episode has four locations.
1.  Kobol - The Gates of Hera 
The Lions (peaks), Capilano Park, 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver
Parking to view The Lions and cross the Cleveland Dam bridge.
Travel Tips: Park in the Cleveland Dam parking lot. On a clear day, the Lions are visible from the lot! Cloudy skies were the norm for both of our trips, so we had difficulty getting a good shot. Many thanks to The 13th Colony for the cloud-free pics! The Lions are in repose on their backs, noses in the air. You'll notice that production flipped the shot left to right.

2.  Kobol - Camp Site
Lynn Canyon Park, 3663 Park Road in Lynn Valley
Take a virtual tour at the Lynn Canyon Park Website.
A great park map can be found here.
Google Earth map provided by Kent Sponagle.
Travel Tips: Find the gravel access road that runs through Lynn Canyon park and follow it to the south end of the Bear Trail. The main campsite was here (and Elosha died somewhere just off the road). Matching this site in the park seemed near impossible, so the matches above may be similar at best. Did you have better luck?  Please contact us with stories and photos!

On our first visit, we walked the Bear Trail (having asked at the Ecology Centre where productions usually film in the park) and, ironically enough, heard a very loud bear call at the bottom of the trail. I only knew what it was for sure because it sounded like Chewbacca, and I knew they used some bear sounds for him (I'm not particularly outdoorsy, lol). We made a lot of noise talking and jingling keys and high tailed it out of there! Especially if you're visiting on a weekday, when the park is not busy, consider bear bells or some other noise maker.

3.  Exterior Tomb of Athena

Travel Tips: This site is at a private, active rock quarry. The road to the quarry is gated, so the site is unreachable at this time. In any case, we don't advise attempting to view rock quarries.

4.  Interior Tomb of Athena (Earth)
Royal Oak Avenue & Deer Lake Parkway, Burnaby  - part of the public Deer Lake park.   
Google Earth map provided by Kent Sponagle.
Travel Tips: You can stand on Earth ... on Earth. :) Deer Lake Park is very easy to get to in Burnaby (not far from Robert Burnaby Park, site of Roslin's dream from Flesh and Bone). We used the Google Map to the left to find parking and the path that led to the filming location. Click for a larger version of the map. This park is home to some of the largest slugs Mo had ever seen! (They were normal sized for any of you familiar with the area.)