This site has two locations.
1.  Nuked Earth
Centennial Beach, Boundary Bay Road (Tsawwassen), Delta, BC
Travel Tips: Kara's tree is not far from the parking lot (keep an eye out as you drive into the park as it's quite distinctive). Baltar's testing pond is also just off the parking lot, near the main building. There are picnic tables, a playground for kids, a nature sanctuary, and washrooms at this beach, so it's a great spot for an apocalyptic picnic!

2.  Nuked Earth (Kara and Leoben)
Beach Grove Park:  6051 17A Avenue, Delta, BC

Travel Tips: Beach Grove Park is located right beside a school (the kids were all out at recess while we were there). The site itself is tucked well back--the Google Earth map here was invaluable in locating the spot. The park is less than a five-minute drive from Centennial beach. It can be very muddy, so wear appropriate footwear. We didn't see any damaged Viper parts on the ground. :)

Behind the Scenes

Below are photos of Centennial Beach dressed as nuked Earth for 'Revelations' and 'Sometimes A Great Notion.' Photos are copyright Maurice Woodworth, and are not to be re-used without his written consent. Our photo is included for reference.