This episode has eight locations.
1 & 2.  Kara's apartment and Roslin's apartment
The Waterfall Building, 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver
Travel Tips: Kara's apartment remains consistently the Waterfall Building throughout the series. In Daybreak, we see Roslin's Caprica apartment for the first time. It's the penthouse on the east side of the complex. Parking is an issue here--there is a gravel pay lot just across from the building that is best. There is also, appropriately, a Starbucks nearby!  

3.  Baltar's Father's House
Private residence in West Vancouver.
Travel Tips: Baltar's father's place was a small house in West Vancouver. Private.

4.  Daybreak Fountain
Simon Fraser University, entrance is where Burnaby Mountain Parkway meets Gaglardi Way.
A behind the scenes look at Underworld 4
Travel Tips: Yes, I walked into the reflecting pool at the academic quadrangle. :) At that time, May 2010, there was no algae or koi in the water, and it was ridiculously cold, but very clean. We were there on a Friday afternoon, so there were virtually no students on campus. In 2011, the algae and koi were back, causing Anne to rethink her own wading plans, and we walked into a film shoot for Underworld 4!

Click 'read more' to see Baltar's new house, Anders' pyramid rehab room and Lee's Apartment
5 & 6.  Baltar's new house and Anders' Pyramid rehab room:
Travel Tips: The show could not return to Baltar's original house, as filming was stopped due to overuse. The new house was built by the same architect and located in West Vancouver.

Sam's Pyramid rehab room was the exercise room at the Vancouver Film Studios.

7.  Lee's Apartment
The Ironworks Building, corner of Main and Alexander, Vancouver
Travel Tips: The Ironworks building is located just down the street (west) from The Alibi Room, the restaurant that Helo and Sharon visit in 'Act of Contrition' and 'You Can't Go Home Again.'  Melissa and Larry travelled here and provided these photos of the building for the site. They did not report seeing any pigeons. :) Thank you, guys! 
8.  Baltar and Six in the limo:
Travel Tips: The limo was driven around downtown Vancouver. As it's difficult to determine exactly where, this might be something to just keep in mind as you walk the city!


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