This episode has two locations.
1.  New Caprica City

Go to No. 8 and Blundell Road in Richmond, BC, and follow Blundell west until it ends. GPS coordinates: 49.156829, -123.043334  
Location Notes:  This location can be difficult to find. Thanks to Bart McLeroy for the photos! He found the location by putting the coordinates above into his GPS. It's now an industrial area, but it is possible to see some sand if you look closely.

Behind the Scenes

Below are photos of the area off of Blundell Road, dressed as New Caprica city for many episodes, including 'Exodus Part II.' Photos are copyright Maurice Woodworth, and are not to be re-used without his written consent.
2.  Kara's cell
The Waterfall Building, 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver
Travel Tip: The photo above is Kara's actual apartment! Parking is difficult here. There is a small gravel pay lot across from the building (near the train tracks) that is the most convenient. Appropriately, there's a Starbucks nearby!