Location Notes: Sets were built at the Vancouver Fire Department training facility in Vancouver. The fire fight apartment was a particular favourite of the crew. This is private property.

Location Notes: These scenes were filmed using the exteriors of buildings at Vancouver Film Studios. This was also done for the military base where Kara meets Adama in 'Act of Contrition.' An exercise room at the Studios was used to film Anders' post game scenes in 'Daybreak.'

Interior, Riverview Hospital, 2601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC

Behind the Scenes

Below are photos of the interior of Riverview Hospital dressed as the Cylon Medical Lab for 'Razor.' Photos are copyright Maurice Woodworth, and are not to be re-used without his written consent.  
Travel Tips: A room was dressed at Riverview Hospital for this scene. The exterior of the main building of the hospital was used in 'The Farm' and 'The Plan.' A security vehicle patrols the area. We made no attempt to hide what we were doing while taking exterior photos, and the officer simply smiled at us as he drove by. The buildings are locked.