Bottom of the hill, Tidewater Way, Lions Bay, BC
Travel Tips: A total of three different houses were used as Baltar's house over the course of the series. This created some hilarity as Anne and I were travelling. During our first visit to Lions Bay in 2010, we had the fun of trying to figure out which house was Baltar's. We felt we might have found it when we saw the house, pictured above, at the bottom of the hill (to the right of public parking). Then, when we saw the house at the top of the hill from the beach, we considered ourselves idiots for even considering the first house. 

It turns out that we were doubly right! The house at the bottom of the hill was used for the Miniseries only. It's gated, but can be seen from the public parking lot. The house on the hill was used for the bulk of the series (with the exception of Daybreak). That house was one designed by the same architect as the house on the hill, but is located in West Vancouver.
Park in the public lot near the water (click on the adjacent map to see a larger view). Many of the parking spots are labelled 'residents with permits', but there are visitor spots.  Use the public beach access to view the house from the series. Please note that the area near the beach access is a tow-away zone.

PicturePath to view Baltar's house. Photo courtesy of Steve Fenwick.
Near the washrooms is a raised grassy area where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the house and the water, perfect for a picnic (we've had two--one on each trip :D). Even the drive from Vancouver is amazing (~35 min), with a postcard view around every turn.

Farmer's field in Aldergrove, near Canada-US border (private).
Location Notes: We were lucky to obtain permission from the owner to photograph for the website! When you're looking out to where the bombs were dropping, the trees and Raptor are on your right. It was raining, which is why I'm wearing my rain pants. Anne, being from Seattle and thus part duck, did not even have as much as an umbrella. We were very tempted to run across the field with a stack of books!
Location Notes: This was the car deck of one of the big ferries that runs between Vancouver and Victoria. Taylor, a BC ferry aficionado, kindly informed us that it was a V-class ferry, the Queen of Vancouver, which was retired (along with other vessels of its kind) and sold for scrap several years ago.  

An awesome article on Colonial One and the storage bay/car deck can be found at Galactiguise.

Ragnar Station consists of two separate, private locations
  1. Exterior: Vancouver Wharves, North Vancouver
  2. Interior: Lantic Sugar, Inc., Vancouver waterfront 

Unfortunately, public access to both locations is now highly restricted for security reasons.
Location Notes: The corridor scene for Ragnar was shot at the sugar refinery in a walkway that led from one building to another. There was a real problem with seagulls while shooting as they were landing on the walkway, squawking, running on the rooftop, and could be heard.
Bloedel Floral Conservatory, 4600 Cambie Street (at W 33 Avenue)    
Travel Tips: The Blondell Observatory is close to downtown, but not walking distance. The bench that Cami sat on has been removed. Lots of birds and plants to be seen here--really lovely!
Roslin’s Doctor’s Office, Waterfall Building, 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

Travel Tips: Used in many episodes, The Waterfall Building was Roslin's doctor's office in both the miniseries and Epiphanies (in flashback). Parking is an issue here--there is a gravel, pay lot just across from the building that is best. There is also, appropriately, a Starbucks nearby! 
Simon Fraser University -- Caprica's Riverwalk Market:
Entrance is where Burnaby Mountain Parkway meets Gaglardi Way.
Simon Fraser Campus Map
Photo courtesy of Guy Earle
Travel Tip: An absolute not-to-be-missed location in Burnaby, Simon Fraser University appears in many episodes. Finding a map on campus can be difficult, so use an online map like the one at the beginning of this post to help you plot your route through campus (or bring it up on your mobile device while you're there).

We recommend parking in front of the West Mall Centre (aka the museum at Delphi!) as the best way to access all the sites at SFU (see photo, click to enlarge).