This episode has two locations.
1.  'The Shore'
Barnet Marine Park: Travel east on Hastings Street. Keep left on Barnet Highway, and follow signs for the park.
Google Earth Map provided by Kent Sponagle.
Travel Tips: This location is very close to Simon Fraser University, and can be easily combined with a visit there. There is limited parking; try to park as far east as you can. If you find you need to cross a metal bridge, you've gone the wrong way. This site is gorgeous--it's amazing to check out the view that the families had.

2.  Roslin's Vision Boat
The boat is located at the Plaza of Nations: 750 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, Dock B
Google Earth map provided by Kent Sponagle.
The vision boat cruised around the Burrard Inlet as shown on the map. Please view the boat from the upper part of the dock. The public can charter this boat, but it is expensive and mostly for groups of 100 or more.