Simon Fraser University -- Caprica's Riverwalk Market:
Entrance is where Burnaby Mountain Parkway meets Gaglardi Way.
Simon Fraser Campus Map
Photo courtesy of Guy Earle
Travel Tip: An absolute not-to-be-missed location in Burnaby, Simon Fraser University appears in many episodes. Finding a map on campus can be difficult, so use an online map like the one at the beginning of this post to help you plot your route through campus (or bring it up on your mobile device while you're there).

We recommend parking in front of the West Mall Centre (aka the museum at Delphi!) as the best way to access all the sites at SFU (see photo, click to enlarge). 

05/09/2012 20:48

Beautiful! Thank you so much for these! I can't believe you did all of this! =)

05/09/2012 22:49

You're welcome! We had a blast searching these out -- a wonderful opportunity to hang out together at some really cool places!

10/23/2012 23:18

Incredible! I just started watching the series again for the 3rd full time and wanted to find some background info for the series. The amount of time and effort you put into this is impressive. I look forward to following along this time through.

10/25/2012 15:20

Thanks, Jonathan! We hope you enjoy your 3rd time through the series, and that you find the site helpful. We had such an amazing time on our trips, and it's been a pleasure maintaining and adding to the site. Awesome to "meet" and help other fans, too!


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